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 Hello ! Welcome to our Research EduCare website! We are a team of Professionals , phd guides, where you can expect a high quality work.  Your work will remain secure because we do not have any affiliations with universities and do not outsource your work. We do not share your data with other people 2. Due to this pandemic Situation of COVID-19, we are working from Home and Osmanabad Office Only, and Mumbai Office is Closed Temporarily

What We can Do for you?

PhD Research Topic Selection

To choose a subject, researchers must first focus on their research field. Our Ph.D. thesis subject selection service proves useful when people are stuck for ideas.

PhD research Guidance

We Have team of Research experts in almost all the domains. They have immense experience in guiding and mentoring research scholars, PhD candidates.

PhD Proposal - Synopsis Writing

Preparing a synopsis or proposal is usually the first step towards a successful PhD thesis. Our talented team will execute the writing services as per the client's requirements.

Phd Thesis Writing

At Research EduCare have a panel of expert writers dedicated to Ph.D. thesis writing services in India. The relevant writer will help you in completing the thesis writing process

Article Writing & Publication

Our team of professional research articles writers has multiple skills like subject matter expertise, knowledge about various journals, and guidelines, etc & Help you completing it.

Plagiarism Checking & Removing

We focus on University & Journals rules while working on plagiarism. Our plagiarism check services are flexible, quality assurance, reasonable price and plagiarism free

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Statistical data analysis is at the heart of your research, as all your findings are based on the way you analyze your raw data. Our team of professional statisticians can support you.

PhD open Defense viva

Our professional team will stand with you since the period of getting PhD admission to till your Open defense viva . They will prepare you will with topic for effective presentation & Defense

Our Testimony

"My tenure at Research EduCare was fantastic and unforgettable. Thanks to the mentors. I appreciate their assistance with topic selection, synopsis development, thesis preparation, and even research paper development and publication. Finally, I'd like to state that the entire world is present at Research EduCare."
Prof.Dr Upadhyay
Your team's support made my research work a lot simpler because the Guide was an expert in my field and knew everything there was to know about the my Topic. To get correct findings, he advised me to employ a more modern and more reliable analytical tool, Helping me with lot of patience, in all the aspects Research Educare Thanks a lot !
I am grateful to Research EduCare for assisting me in my entire journey of research. Dr. Anand advised me throughout the process and in editing, proofreading of my thesis, and statistical analysis, which greatly aided my thesis preparation and research paper writing.
Dr.Sajjan A

Why Research EduCare ?

Research Guidance / Mentoring

Research mentoring at any stage of your research and publication process, including rewriting, translating your ideas, copyediting, formatting, and plagiarism checking.

Across the Industries / Subjects

Our PhD Experts are able to handle a broad variety of areas, including Arts to Science, Engineering to Life Science, Humanities and Health Sciences, Computer to management.

Appointment of Private Guide

We will appoint an eminent research expert in your subject from any reputed university in India, as a Phd research Guide plays an important role in the PhD Research Process.

365 days Availablity

Once you register with us, we guarantee that your PhD will be completed within the specified time frame, and this is our pledge. Our Research Guides and Experts will be accessible via phone call or Whats App or email 24/7 .

24 x 7 Support Online

Our business coordinators and domain specialists will be available 24/7 to help you with your research. We shall be accessible 24/7 for the Ph.D. scholars' convenience on whatsapp and email beyond our office hours.

Professional Writing

Thesis writing is a process that demands competence in a variety of areas. Our world-class professionalism will make your Ph.D. thesis valuable. This also includes and ranges from writing to proofreading.

On-Time Delivery

We'll establish a deadline before starting the work. So we can complete it sooner and send it to you on time. We won't make excuses. We will be super-fast in our research efforts while never compromising on quality.

Novel Ideas

The top thesis expert writers constantly want to provide high-quality, unique thesis to our clients. At Research Educare, we will meet all of your research ambitions and ideas in order to improve research results.

upto 99% Plagiarism Free Contents

Hire our skilled writers to give you with high-quality, plagiarism-free work on any topic you choose. We guarantee less than 10% plagiarism with genuine plagiarism reports.

A Fantastic Work Flow

Our faculty work hard to prepare and edit your dissertation. Excellent research ideas, innovative and unique research concepts, and so on must be ensured.

Seminars & Webinars

Online events are fantastic ways to have fun while also learning. We plan and conduct research and technical, social, and medical sciences formative webinars to aid researchers and academics.

100 % Confidential

Research EduCare ensures that all data is secure and confidential. We keep all information private. We further assure you that no third party will have access to our clients' data, like thesis, etc.

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